A little more about me...

Ok, I’ll try and encapsulate my story without boring the pants off you!

My path to this work started when I attended an evening class for Reflexology some twenty plus years ago! (doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself)?

I guess I was just curious and I have always enjoyed learning. Well.....it blew me away, there we were, a bunch of inexperienced people practising on one another, but the way that Reflexology impacted on us at that level was incredible. So.....I decided to have a change of direction and embarked on an Anatomy and Physiology course followed by a practitioners’ course in Reflexology. The decision to re-train changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy - but it really did.

The way it proved possible to help the body to heal with this amazing therapy has never ceased to impress me.

I then went on to qualify as an Aromatherapist and took some advanced technique training in Reflexology, which helps deliver a more powerful treatment (don’t worry – I can still do gentle). As the years went by I attended workshops in Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfullness, Archetype Training, Counselling Skills, Emotional Therapy and various healing workshops which then led to qualifying as a Reiki Practitioner.

I’m also a Nutritional Therapist, having studied a two year diploma. Nutrition fits so well with the other therapies I use, but equally as a standalone therapy it is extremely effective and works by correcting nutritional deficiencies that are causing a problem for your body and mind.

Nutrition delivers outstanding results with a variety of conditions, particularly digestive and hormonal issues along with stress related conditions such as anxiety and also depression.

I work with people from all walks of life, and am able to offer a completely bespoke service.

It may help you to know that over the years I too have had my share of physical and emotional challenges which I feel helps me to empathise with others. In particular; a few years ago I went through a period of extreme stress and trauma that challenged me hugely. I feel certain that if I hadn’t supported myself physically and emotionally by using diet, supplements and mind techniques I would probably not have coped and come through it all.

I have worked as a volunteer in the Oncology Department at King Edward IIV’s hospital Midhurst giving both Reflexology and Aromatherapy and belong to recognised professional governing bodies, FNTP and FHT and am fully insured by Balens. I regularly update and add to my knowledge by attending various workshops and seminars.  I also run workshops in the Hampshire/Sussex/Surrey area, please take a look at my Transformational Learning page for the latest information....and if you don't see what you're interested in there let me know as I am happy to tailor a workshop to suit your needs.

Thanks for visiting.