Nutritional Therapy

I don’t suppose you would consider putting inferior fuel in your car and still expect it to run well?

It’s funny isn’t it, how sometimes we neglect to fuel our bodies in a way that will create optimum health for us?

I trained in Nutritional Therapy as a way of being able to support people to whom I was giving ‘body work’. However, my two year diploma led to me using it more and more as a stand-alone therapy due to the amazing results I was getting with this wonderful therapy.

When you come to me for a consultation we will look at your current diet and compile an extensive case history, taking into account current, past and inherited conditions. With this information I can create a personalised programme of foods and supplements, possibly incorporating some naturopathic techniques. The beginning of my approach will be gentle and will be adapted as progress in made toward the end goal.

Supplements are used in order to ensure an effective supply of all the nutrients necessary to treat the relevant condition and bring about healing. In our modern, polluted world, with intensive farming methods being used, the soils in which our food grows are becoming so depleted that it makes it very difficult to obtain all the nutrients our bodies need from our food alone, hence the need for supplementation.

Many of us haven’t realised the true therapeutic value of food and nutrients, and how they can be used to treat the course of disease and aim for optimum health, even in those who have been unwell for some time.

Nutritional therapy is so much more than keeping healthy by eating a healthy diet. Supplementation can help with energy levels, sleep problems, inflammation, anxiety along with depression and low mood to name a few.

Your treatment will be a partnership between us both as we will share in the goal of learning the cause of the illness and finding the very best approach to combat it.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates