So how could reflexology help you?

I’m going to make a sweeping statement and say that I think anyone can benefit from reflexology.

If we go back through history we can see that reflexology has been around for several thousands of years, if you’ve been lucky enough to visit the tombs in Egypt, you may have seen the drawings on the tomb walls of reflexology being administered.

Our feet are an amazing source of information, they have points (reflexes) on them that relate to the systems and organs in our bodies and therefore, during a treatment they help me to establish the areas of the body that need healing and support.

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Sometimes, following a period of stress, illness, injury or disease the body can be left in a state of imbalance, with vital energy pathways being blocked; this then prevents the body from functioning effectively. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium.

During a treatment I can use my hands to detect imbalances in the feet and by working the reflex points, I can help to release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the body.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment, meaning it can treat the whole body not just the symptoms of the illness, so most people can benefit from treatment. The ‘map’ of the body on the feet means that the whole body can be treated during a treatment with the areas that are ‘out of balance’ receiving extra treatment. It can help so many conditions from back, shoulder, neck and knee problems to digestive ailments and hormonal imbalances. It can help relieve headaches and aid good sleep patterns. (I said it was good didn’t I!).

When you come for a reflexology treatment, the initial consultation will involve a detailed case history before the treatment is given. You remain fully clothed, just removing socks and shoes, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothing during treatment so you are can easily relax.

Whilst you are receiving treatment you may experience discomfort in a reflex point if the reflex is unbalanced, but don’t worry this is fleeting and is part of the process of restoring balance, it’s what I call a ‘nice’ pain in that it’s positive and is working towards healing the body. You will find the whole experience very relaxing and comforting, very often people drift off during the treatment. (It doesn’t matter a jot if you snore).

Reflexology was the therapy that first took me along this path of therapy and wellbeing. It is, in my opinion one of the most effective therapies there are, everyone should have the opportunity to try it and find out for themselves.