Reiki is a subtle, gentle and very powerful healing therapy

Reiki means ‘universal life energy’. The Usui system that I work with is a gentle hands on healing energy designed to calm the mind, body and soul so that healing may take place naturally on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Receiving Reiki is a profoundly peaceful experience, during which, you, the recipient, simply have to lie back and enjoy. My hands are the conductors of the healing energy, and whilst the whole body will be included in a healing session, extra attention can be given to any area that needs it.

There is no possibility of incorrect treatment or of over treating. Your body will draw in the Reiki in the same way that a sponge absorbs water. No matter how long the sponge is left in the water, it will only absorb what it can hold. Reiki works like that; you will draw the Reiki that you need at the time.

Reiki is suitable for pretty much any condition and for all sorts of people; I love receiving Reiki, it’s lovely to just drift off and let all that wonderful healing energy flow through me, leaving me with a lovely feeling of wellbeing.